• Provide a balanced meal to 450 underprivileged children in the community daily


  • Provide food parcels to 150 elderly folk every second week


  • Provide food parcels to 52 families  weekly


  • Provide daily meal to 150 High School Pupils during break at the School


  • Assist in easing the financial burden of school fees for the underprivileged children in the community


  • Providing families in the community with blankets, jerseys and clothing, socks, shoes


  • Creating opportunities for at least 70% of children to visit the Zoo and educate them on Nature and the animals.


  • Host a Christmas function for the 450 underprivileged children and 150 elderly to enrich their lives both     materialistically and religiously.


  • Host a Mothersday Lunch


  • Host an Easteregg Hunt


  • Host a Christmas Lunch for our Elderly Folk


  • Establish and Maintain a Community Vegatable Garden


  • Establish and Maintain a Waste Recycling Project


  • Knitting Project


C.S.I ( Corporate Social Investment)


If you are looking for a long term sustainable C.S.I project to partner with your organisation click here:

We have been in operation for 43 years and it is through the grace of God and people like you that makes it possible for us to continue with our efforts in the community.

Our aim is to leave a thumb print on the lives of these “little people” to encourage them to lift up out of their current circumstances and to aspire to better themselves and to provide our elderly folk with food parcels provide them with peace of mind that they will be able to enjoy a meal.

The Outcome of what we do.....

  • Uplift Poverty in the community through provision of daily meals, clothing, food parcels, blankest, jerseys, school feed, school uniforms, medical assistance. –


  • Adding value to the children’s lives in providing them with a meal every day as for some this is the only meal they will get for the day, it is imperative that our children get a properly balanced meal to ensure that they can concentrate whilst attending school.    Indirectly empowering our Children with knowledge – and uplifting poverty in the community


  • Lifting the burden of poverty and giving sense to people’s life.


  • Assisting parents and local public schools with the financial burden of school fees and uniforms, allows our children to fit in and to have a sense of pride and to feel that they belong


  • Uplifts to elderly in the community and to lift the burden of poverty through the provision of food parcels and also indirectly minimizing the Governments financial load it gives them hope for tomorrow.


  • Afford an opportunity for our children to be educated about animals and nature, to demonstrate the positive impact of animals on our children. – Educate –


  • Affording an opportunity to underprivileged and disadvantaged children and elderly people in the community to attend a Christmas function and to receive a gift, this adds to the value system of the children and elderly – sharing, giving etc.



SINCE 1977





Call us:

C: 082 786 8517

C: 082 854 6904

O: 011 472 2366


E: yolindie@sopkombuis.com

E: riaan@sopkombuis.com

Find us: 

Cnr Rose & Lundean Crescent, Claremont



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