Dear Soup Kitchen Friends


It is said that Poverty doesn’t celebrate Christmas, BUT You can bring the magic of Christmas home to those who live in Poverty this Festive season…


One of the blessings of this time of year is the chance it gives us to connect with you, our friends. We had a happy and busy year here at the Soup Kitchen.  


With your love and support we managed to provide 433 790 meals to our less fortunate children and elderly folk and we packed 116000 lunch boxes for our children year to date.  We handed out 479 blankets to our children and 152 to our elderly folk.   We clothed 150 children and 150 elderly folk in warm jerseys and winter socks.  We saw 75 new registrations for participation in our Mahalah Shop initiative (our community upliftment project).  We hosted 71 reading sessions in our library.  We conducted 27 youth services and 38 prayer meetings year to date.   Our vegetable gardens were given a breath of new life this year.  All of the aforementioned was possible because you started a tradition of giving back to other less fortunate than you.  Your love and kindness followed them throughout this year.  We can’t always express our innermost appreciation as often as we want to, therefore we want to use this opportunity to tell you how much we appreciate all you do for us.

Many people underestimate the day-to-day struggles of those who are age 65 and over, their struggles to make ends meet and have a decent quality of life.   The elderly folk who are often forgotten by their children and family. 

The poor carry the burden of poverty in ways we seldom understand.  Poverty is one of the most misunderstood labels that gets slapped onto individuals without their approval — cast upon them simultaneously by both unseen and more visible forces of society. 

 At Fred and Martie’s Soup Kitchen we are dealing with elderly living in poverty every day.  One sure thing that we see every day is that poverty can be a life-crushing force.  Poverty is a word loaded with preconceived notions, common misconceptions and seemingly innocuous assumptions. What the word does not do is delve below its surface meaning, into the reality of poverty — a world that no one wants to live in…  Less fortunate folk who is carrying a shade of poverty in their hearts.  Folk that doesn’t live life, they don’t thrive — they survive. 


Christmas is the worst time imaginable for them…. For them it is the not-so festive season lying ahead… There are so many elderly folk that are forgotten (and so often “invisible”) to us.  They are right here among us. While you are looking forward to a joyful festive season, celebrating the spirit of goodwill, receiving gifts, visiting loved ones and enjoying a Christmas meal the elderly folk at Fred and Martie’s Soup Kitchen might not have anything to look forward to.  Your Christmas Stocking -your love in action- will change their reality this Christmas.

Our soup kitchen has been providing a service to the community for more than 35 years, are a registered PUBLIC BENEFIT AND non-profit organisation with an 80% BEE certification and we can issue an IT18A certificate if required.

Should you prefer to bless us with a financial donation our bank details are as follow for your ease of reference:

Fred and Martie’s Soup Kitchen

Absa Bank, Cheque Account 

Account number: 4041078559 

Branch Code: 630341 


Should you want to assist us in any way you can contact, 

Yolindie Oberholzer on 082 854 6904 or Riaan Oberholzer on 082 786 8517 

We want to sincerely thank you for VISITING OUR WEBSITE AND FOR finding it in your heart to support us. 


SINCE 1977





Call us:

C: 082 786 8517

C: 082 854 6904

O: 011 472 2366




Find us: 

Cnr Rose & Lundean Crescent, Claremont



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